Real work. Real responsibility.
Real accountability.

Internship Program: Year-Round Opportunities

Our Internship Program is a 12-week experience that provide college students with practical work experience and tremendous personal growth. As part of our program, you’ll complete challenging business-critical projects alongside some of the most talented individuals in the Internet advertising and technology industries. Students are selected for their talent, skills and leadership potential. You’ll be given real work, held accountable for deliverables and expected to add value through high performance on business-critical projects.

OnRamp Management Development Experience: Early Career Trainee

OnRamp is a structured, 12-month program that provides trainees with foundational people management skills that are aligned with business needs and core competencies.  Through state of the art training, focused and relevant rotations, and interactions with a cross-section of senior leaders, our OnRamp graduates will be well-positioned for exciting careers as future leaders.

Internship and Co-Op Opportunities

  • Analytics
  • Strategy
  • Information technology
  • Software development
  • Product development, management and research
  • Business and intelligence
  • Business strategy and development
  • Client operations
  • Consumer operations
  • Dealer training
  • Finance planning and administration
  • Human resources
  • Marketing
  • Legal
  • Supply chain
  • Sales strategy
  • Sales training
  • Inside media or software sales
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Matthew Zerkus

Matthew Zerkus created and designed a preferred supplier scorecard to track contract service-level agreements for our suppliers.

“I had a great hands-on experience and networking opportunities. During my internship, I gained valuable project management knowledge by doing meaningful work to drive results for the company. My advice for incoming interns, is to come in with an open mind, don’t be afraid to ask questions and get your name out there! You wouldn’t have considered this internship if you didn’t see yourself at this company somewhere down the road!”

Briana Daughtery

Briana Daugherty created content and worked on communication projects for digital channels at Cox Automotive.

“I had a great manager who encouraged me to step outside of my department to meet other people and learn as much as possible about the company. It was great to be encouraged to grow, and leadership was very available for either shadowing or meeting up for coffee. Being able to learn from leaders really gave me insights I wouldn’t have made otherwise.”